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Law of Attraction

Hi, my name is luis Soto and I'm a certified Law of Attraction Coach. You might be asking yourself, What is the Law of Attraction?  How can I have access to this powerful law of the universe? The Secret? what is that?

Basically, The Law of Attraction states "like energy attract like energy" What you think and feel will determine what you attract in your life. Sounds easy enough, but not really. Here's the SECRET to The Law of Attaction. This powerful intangible force is operarting 24/7 weather we believe in it or not. The moment we become aware of this energy, is the beginning of our new life! How? Once you have a awareness of how it operates then you can position yourself to use it to manifest all you desire. How long will it take me to see results in my life? It all depends on how well you follow the formula to create and manifest your universe!

The Basic A,B,C principles of The Law of Attraction is being in the right state of mind. We are all aware of good and bad energy. In other words, high frequencies and low frequencies. High frequencies operates from love,joy,peace,abundance,prosperity,forgiveness, gratitude. Low frequencies are anger,hate,envy,revenge,arrogance,depression,boredom,procrastination.

Now, our emotions and feeling are our barometer. Therefore if you are feeling down and depress, you will be attracting events,people and circumstances that coincide with your emotions. If you are feeling happy then you will attract happy,beautiful, positive people,events and circumstances that go with what you feel.  I illustrated both example so you have an awareness of how we can shift our consciousness and create and manifest the universe will want to live in.  

Law of Attraction Coaching Packages 

$ 300.00 for 2 coaching sessions 60 minutes, unlimited email corresponds

$450.00 for 3 coaching sessions 60 minutes, unlimited email corresponds

$600.00 for 4 coaching sessions 60 minutes, unlimited email corresponds 

$50.00 for Meditation 30 minutes


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