Powerful Coaching


Are you experiencing yourself drifting from feeling sad and happy day in and out? Does it feel like life just isn't working for you at all?  Do you find this question popping up in your head all the time; why does my life feel like it's not going anywhere? 

If the above statements resonate with you then is time to try something new! You don't have to suffer anymore and feel like you are a victim of your circumstances. I believe that there comes a time in our life where we must take full responsibility and begin the process of AWAKENING TO THE BRAND NEW YOU!

Once we make that decision in our mind is when life stops, and new possibilities starts to emerge inside of you!

This is called the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Once the person decides that is ready to go through the transforamtion is when we open ourselves up to releasing our old self and growing into our new aujtentic self. This journey requires the person to elicit courage, vulnerability, and a relentless willingness to transfrom the old into the new self!

If you feel that you are ready to embark on that fatastic voyvage of your new life then I'm the right coach for you!


As a client of my powerful coaching program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is life changing and empowering to you
  • get clear with your vison and purpose to serve the world
  • make amends with your past and forgive yourself and others
  • wake up feeling alive and vibrant to take on the world
  • increase your energy and fuel your passsion with what you love to do
  • transcend your challenges and obstacles into the catalyst to create new possibilities in your life
  • learn how to fall in love with yourself and tap into the beauty that lives inside of you
  • Master the art of knowing thyself so you can connect with people on a heart to heart level

Your program includes...

  • 4 60-minute powerful coaching sessions per month
  • unlimited e-mail support between sessions
  • spot coaching to resolve challenges instanly
  • homework assigments that keep you grounded in our transformational work together
  • tools and technique to implememt to live a powerful life
  • articles, books and blogs to nurture your mind and spirit
  • accountability, commitmnet and my deepest level of integrity to serve you powerfully to transform your life

To decide if powerful coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a powerful, life transformimg coaching conversation with me.  During this conversation, we will dive deep into the depth of your being to discover and awaken the greatness that lives inside of you! If you are ready to take the plunge into creating magic and possibilities in your life then reserve two hours so we can explore your goals, dreams and vison for your new life!

Contact me today to schedule your powerful, life transforming coaching conversation!


Call or email me at: 917-239-2522 or lifecoach768@gamil.com

You are just a phone call away from creating your new life of possibilities!


With much gratitude,

Luis Soto

The Life Coach