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Exercise modalities

It has been my exeperience training my clients for the past 20 years that the body responds much better to a program that includes complete full-body workout with different modalitites to challenge the body, mind and spirit to greater heights of strengh, core work, flexibility, cardio vascular conditioning and stability. My training philosophy  entails crossfit training;kettebells, elite rings, stability and medicine ball and good old calisthentics to challenge the body in all planes of motion (sagital, frontal, and transverse) with various degree of amplitude and  ranges of motion consistent with those in daily life and sports. This type of training forces the body to work synergistically and recruit stabilizing muscles thus creating a furnace of caloric expenditure that burns massive calories and shed unwanted bodyfat.

Here are some of the training varibles used in my client workout regimen:

Body Weight Training- Body weight exercise require no expensive equipment and exercises the whole body; push-ups, pull-ups, body weight squats, plyometric, crunches, core, and balance.


Kettlebell Training - a kettlebell is a flat- bottomed cast iron ball with a handle. The Russian military trained their soiders to keep them in optimal shape. Benefits of kettlbell training are:

- Enhanced athleticism

- Increased mental focus and physical stamina

- Incresed oxygen uptake

- Increased total body conditioning, core stability and power

- Increased metabolic demands and caloric expenditure


TRX and Elite Rings- This type of innovative training allows the user to work against their own body weight while performing various full-body exercises that increases muscle activation, core stability, metabolic benefits as well as general overall fitness.


These different exercise modalties will enhance the client's performance in and outside of the gym. Come and explore for yourself the advantage of training with Luis Soto, just like one of his clients says;

“Luis Soto is a remarkable trainer and teacher whose Zen-like personality always enhances my day. He gets the best out of his clients through a rare combination of kindness, encouragement and sheer relentlessness.”

                                                                     --Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments