Meet Luis
Hi, my name is Luis Soto Jr, and welcome to my website. I am a Transformational Life Coach, author of the forthcoming book, Awaken to The Brand New You (The path to reinventing oneself), and a motivational speaker.
I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their ultimate potential by my powerful method of Transformational Coaching, spirituality, affirmative prayer and meditation. I work with an affluent clientele in the areas of life transitions, divorce, expansion of your comfort zone, spiritual growth, addictions, shadows, and making sure you stay at the top of your game!
I received my training from Coachville, one of the premier coaching schools in the world, and Unity Church of Christ where I learned the secrets to embracing my Authentic Self, playing with fear and living my ultimate calling in life. I developed the concept of Awaken to The Brand New You by using my past experience as a platform to do my greatest work on this planet. I am committed to guiding you to play a game worth playing and winning on your own terms. The power of Transformation exist in all of us. The question is, ARE YOU READY TO ALLOW THOSE TALENTS AND GIFTS TO SHINE THROUGH YOU?
If you are, then schedule a complimentary, powerful exploratory session to unlock your strengths, play with your fears, and create an awesome life! Schedule an initial consultation with me today. Call me at: 917-239-2522

"Take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"  

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.